How it Works

Important Notions

What is an OHLC Candle?
  • Open: the price at which the candle starts.
  • High: the maximum price that the candle reaches.
  • Low: the minimum price that the candle reaches.
  • Close: the price at which the candle ends.
ohlc candle
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Strategy Building settings to understand:
Data Reference (Level 1)
  • Single OHLC Candle
  • Multiple OHLC Candle
  • Chart Pattern
  • Indicators (Coming Soon!)
Timeframe (Level 1)
  • All supported timeframes
Instrument (Level 1)
  • Stocks
  • Cryptos (Coming Soon!)
  • Both
Single OHLC Candle Options (Level 2)
  • OHLC candle reference value
  • Difference metric
  • Percentage value difference from next criteria
  • Criterias
Multiple OHLC Candle Options (Level 2)
  • Consecutive candle minimum
  • Consecutive candle maximum
  • Candle-to-Candle relation
  • Criterias
Chart Pattern Options (Level 2)
  • Patterns to exclude
Indicators (Level 2) (Coming Soon!)
    After creating your strategy, by default it will be ran on Monday morning. You can change that on your strategy page on the calendar icon. Once your schedule is set, tasks will appear on your Scanning Tasks dashboard with an estimated task schedule and end schedule.
    From your Scanning Tasks dashboard you will be able to read the results for each strategy task (divided by substrategies of parent strategy) in 2 different ways:
    • Via a table
    • Via a graph (Coming Soon!)

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